You’ve watched the TV programme. You’ve probably thought you could do what he does. But now is the time to put yourself, and your team, to the type of challenge Bear Grylls would demand of you.

Orangeworks is an official partner of The Bear Grylls Survival Academy, and provides high-adrenaline experiences that push your people to their limits so you know what they’re really made of.

Team Bonding

See colleagues forge indomitable bonds by surviving extreme experiences and passing intense challenges.

Building relationships helps teams become stronger, but forging bonds make them unshakable. It’s a status your business can benefit from, but drawing individuals together so firmly is not easy. Our facilitators, trained at the Bear Grylls Survival Academy, tests teams with extreme challenges that demand close cooperation and mutual support, bonding them through a shared experience they’ll never forget.



Push your team physically and mentally to discover their inner potential and boost performances at work.

How do you discover you’ve got more? By pushing yourself beyond your limits. It’s the same with team performances, but push too hard and things can come crashing down. In partnership with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy, we provide experiences that demand individuals and teams alike dig deeper, helping them discover that extra something to bring to the workplace.



Empower individual team members through new challenges that boost confidence and improve performance.

Whether building a fire, crossing a chasm or learning to navigate, nothing empowers more than knowing you can survive. But only carefully tailored challenges can ensure the team reaction you’re looking for. We offer Bear Grylls Survival Academy experiences that can be customised to meet your specific aims, and help empower team members who you know can shine brighter.


Enhance Team Initiative

Watch your team find unique solutions to overcome specific survival tasks, and enhance its powers of initiative.

Your team already knows how to solve everyday work problems, but these rarely require much thinking outside the box. So do you really know how they’ll cope then the safety net is taken away? We present real survival challenges away from the familiar office environment, so you can see how they use initiative to overcome extreme challenges.



Fine tune existing leadership skills, or find new leaders who shine, facing the most demanding team challenges.

Leaders shine by overcoming challenges, and excel when it really matters. But who is the leaders in your team? And are they as effective as you thought? Orangeworks’ range of Bear Grylls-devised extreme activities put key leadership skills to the test, helping you identify how effective top personnel are and revealing new stars are on the rise.

What They’re Saying

Great day out for Bear Grylls activities. Very well received by all of our team. Will be back again soon!


Great BGSA event guys, really enjoyed the day from start to finish, thanks!

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