Since 2015, Orangeworks have been the only official Irish partner of the Bear Grylls Survival AcademyWith a surge of survival courses being introduced to the Irish Corporate market, this is the only one designed by the man behind all things survival.  Providing high-adrenaline experiences that push your people to their limits so you know what they’re really made of. 

So, ever wondered what it’s like to be a Bear Grylls instructor? We caught up with one of our lead instructors, Artur, to discuss all things Bear Grylls Survival Academy.



What challenges are involved in Bear Grylls Survival Academy?

All BGSA challenges focus on being in the wilderness with very little supplies and how to make the best of a situation. We usually start off with the Priorities of Survival which encourages participants to prioritise their needs in a survival situation. We then move onto some heavier survival based challenges such as;

  1. Fire Lighting
  2. Edible & Deadable
  3. Shelter Building
  4. River Crossing
  5. Natural Navigation
  6. Rope Skills
  7. First Aid
  8. Wild cooking and Foraging

What’s our Lead Instructor’s Favourite Challenge?

Out of all the challenges listed, our lead instructor Artur’s top favourite is Fire Lighting.

“Two centuries ago matches were invented, and before that, we would use techniques that most of the population today wouldn’t be aware of. It would have been critical to know these skills back then. Nowadays, it’s still necessary to know these fire lighting techniques in a survival situation. A fire has many uses; they keep us warm, keep the wildlife away, purify water, cook food and can be used as a signal for rescue”.

What are participants favourite or least favourite challenge during BGSA?

Participants often enjoy having a hands-on experience, practising the activities they are learning in a high paced natural environment.

“The biggest fear that delegates often have is usually the river crossing or rope skills, this is when they can get a bit nervous”.

Our BGSA instructor’s role is to give everyone a demonstration and make them feel comfortable and safe. Seeing colleagues take part in challenges gives others the encouragement to do it themselves and of course, it’s all challenge by choice.

There are no phones allowed during BGSA. This gives teams the opportunity to step away from technology and bond together in the great outdoors. BGSA strengthens teams through stronger communication, promoting teamwork and combining skill sets. Even the shy guys have full involvement, get to stand out more and become more comfortable around their team.

BGSA is a completely customisable experience, we can tailor your event to best suit your needs. This is a mobile experience. If you’ve got a location in mind get in touch to discuss BGSA more and we can arrange a site visit.