The Learning and Development Benefits Of The Bear Grylls Survival Academy

You may think of Bear Grylls Survival Academy as purely outdoor adventure, but what you may not know is there are many team development benefits that can be incorporated into this experience.

Your team may be struggling to mesh with each other. This can affect their performances at work massively, which can, in turn, have an impact on your business. You’ve considered facilitated team workshops, but you know your people, and that’s not going to work for them.

You need an experience that not only promotes fun and collaboration but includes core insights and values too.

Growth Mindset Leads To Skills Improvement

Getting out of your Comfort Zone is the key to professional growth. For everyone, having the courage to do so. Adopting a Growth Mindset that will motivate individuals to move to the next level rather than keeping a Fixed Mindset, is critical to this.

Forging a growth mindset creates the possibility to improve work and leadership skills, and vastly improves an individual’s potential to raise their performances.

Stanford University psychology professor Carol Dweck found that having a ‘growth mindset’ impacted on her students’ academic performance, saying:

“. . . every time they push out of their comfort zone to learn something new and difficult, the neurons in their brain can form new, stronger connections, and over time, they can get smarter.”

Experiential learning is an effective way to educate, overcome challenges and build confidence – and it’s valued by the workforce over financial reward. According to a 2014 Price waterhouse Cooper report, Millennials identified training, development and flexible working opportunities over financial reward as preferred benefits.

3 Benefits Of The Bear Grylls Survival Academy

  1. Find The Leaders Amongst You

Leaders thrive on overcoming challenges and excel when the pressure is on. The problem is identifying leaders in your team who have yet to shine. Through the range of Bear Grylls-devised extreme activities, natural leaders are given the environment to shine through, allowing you to identify the rising stars in your team.

  1. Enhance The Skills Of Existing Leaders

Even the brightest stars can dim over time. It’s what happens when leaders get caught in the Comfort Zone, which is free of anxiety and pressure. But when anxiety increases, so does performance.

According to the Yerkes-Dodson Law, there are 3 Zones of Leadership: Comfort, Learning and Danger zones. With the most anxiety found in the Learning Zone. It is here that you push boundaries, and growth takes place.

Facing sets of new, demanding challenges helps to enhance the skills that have seen your leaders contribute so much. And by testing them to their limits, you can identify how effective your top personnel actually are.

  1. Maintain Your Edge

You want your people to enjoy what they do, and to encourage engagement that boosts productivity and performances. But you don’t want your team to lose its edge. Bear Grylls Survival Academy sets challenges that take your team out of its comfort zone, demanding high-level performances that keep them on their toes.

Fine Tune Leadership With The BGSA

The Bear Grylls Survival Academy takes individuals out of the Comfort Zone, delivering Bear Grylls-devised extreme activities designed specifically to bring leaders to fore, and new stars to shine.

Our team of professional facilitators know just how to tailor your BGSA experience to tackle any problems your team may be having.