You know how hard your project teams work, and that they’ve already achieved so much. But the constant grind can eat away at even the strongest enthusiasm. To avoid falling behind, you need to keep your guys engaged, and their creativity levels up.

At Orangeworks, we create experiences designed to develop, energise and inspire teams. So, you’ll see high performances maintained while they enjoy fun-filled experiences they will never forget.

Delegates manipulating a gigantic puppet they built during a team-building activity in the Drawing Room of Carton House.


Team Activities that unify and get your team pulling in the same direction!

Lambay Island shot using one of Orangeworks drones.


Creating truly unique experiences for the people who deserve them most.

Bear Grylls holding a log, demonstrating what activities happen during the Bear Grylls survival academy.


How are your team’s survival skills? Let the Bear Grylls Survival Academy test them.

Bear Grylls Survival Academy participants learning how to light fires on the beach.


Extraordinary Adventures in extraordinary places designed especially to meet your needs.

A jaguar car parked up at an automotive launch.


Creating industry experiences that showcase your product and excite your audience.

Team members sitting around a table discussing their plan of action for the team development activity peak performance.


Strengthen your team with collaborative challenges and professional facilitation.

What They’re Saying

Just to say many thanks for the day out, we had fantastic fun. Hope to see you in A&L soon.

A & L Goodbody

I want to say a huge thank you for your commitment to Site and our Summer event. Your creativity, enthusiasm and overall generosity has helped raise the bar in terms of Site events and I am hearing such wonderful feedback from all attendees. Thank you for your continued support.

Site Ireland

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