Bean Around The World

It’s the perfect morning pick-me-up, now see how coffee can give your team a fresh energy boost that lasts.


With the emergence of coffee shops on every street and around every  corner, consumers have never had so much choice – and competition  has never been so fierce. Coffee has become as central to a person’s morning routine as brushing their teeth.

With that in mind, Bean Around The World offers an excellent opportunity to taste the demands of success in an international market. Teams will learn that getting ahead in such a lively, world wide business takes a very high level of market intelligence, customer service and lightning-quick reactions in order to be able to keep up with ever changing consumer trends.

Teams play the part of coffee traders and must provide the supply chain from  producer to outlet to consumer. The game’s competitive environment hones teams’ focus on important issues such as operating smoothly within a complex supply chain, the power of good information, risk management, win-win negotiation and the potential sacrifice of long-term strategy for short-term success – and vice versa.

Bean Around The World is the ideal stimulant for any conference programme. Its dynamic environment is sure to energise participants and generate fresh approaches and ideas. A review and analysis session concludes this welcome break from the regular grind; one  which will have teams feeling completely reinvigorated.