Beat It

A globally recognised extreme drumming challenge that is sure to energise your team!


Teams will be seeing who has the fastest hands and/or feet in this contest of energy and determination. 

What is Beat It? 

The experience opens with a brief explanation from our lead professional drummer. There will then be a demonstration of speed drumming and a ‘sticking’ performance. Delegates will be provided with tips on technique to assist teams in gaining as many points as possible in their runs. A general quiz will be given to teams based on drumming facts, this will help them work towards receiving their drumsticks and begin earning points.

Teams are given guides, drum sticks and drum practice pads so that everyone can get involved in some challenges.  A competition station marker can also be set up depending on location space. As soon as all drumming tasks and heats are completed, teams finish off in a battle for the fastest team in a spectacular grand finale.

How can it help your team?  

What better way to unify, energise and focus your delegates?  Beat It gives your team the chance to test their physical and mental ability in a highly energetic way! Leading up to your event one of our Orangeworks team members will work closely with you to ensure the session is designed to suit your preferred themes and learning outcomes.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Uniting teams 
  • Fun & motivation 
  • Breaks the ice 
  • Energising a conference 
  • Shared experience 

Does Beat It fit your team?

Beat It team building event details

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