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Ultimate Team Movie

Celebrate your team by creating a fun music video trailer that can be shown at a conference or meeting.

Delegates preparing to film their Ultimate Team Movie with Orangeworks, a fun, creative team building activity.

A memorable experience and bespoke representation of your team.

What is Ultimate Team Movie? 

You have a big conference or meeting coming up and you want to do something a little different to celebrate all of the hard work your team have achieved together. Imagine having your Ultimate Team Movie to share with your colleagues.

A song is chosen. Groups are assigned a section of the song. Having no idea what any other group has done they must plan and rehearse their own part before filming with the Orangeworks Film Crew. Our team will edit the videos and create the final cut ready for viewing. Though each group is working alone, this final edited film is a companywide collaboration. Your Ultimate Team Movie can be a representation of a company’s brand, conference theme, products, values, goals or even a recreation of a famous music video. It will be fun and is the perfect icebreaker and talking point for any conference or event.

How can it help your team? 

Let us help your team create a memory you will have forever. Get in touch to strengthen your team with this collaborative experience. Everything works when your team works.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Strategising with your team
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Fun, shared experience
  • Creativity

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Does it fit your team?

Camera filming on set for Ultimate Team Movie
Dean, Orangeworks lead beatboxer filming one of their Bespoke pre-conference icebreakers in the orangeworks offices.
Delegates reading over their scripts before filming for Fifteen Famous Minutes, a creative team bonding event by Orangeworks.

Find out more information about Ultimate Team Movie by chatting with one of our sales representatives using the button below. Orangeworks offer a wide range of high energy and engaging team building exercises, corporate icebreakers and music-themed team bonding activities. We can help you create a memorable experience for your team.