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Bodhrán Workshop

Bring live Irish music to a room to enhance your learning experience and create a vibrant musical atmosphere.

Bodhrans placed on a table ready for Orangeworks fun team building activities.

Learn how to play the Bodhrán and experience authentic Irish music.

What is the Bodhran Workshop? 

Our Bodhrán workshop is designed to give an insight into Irish musical culture and to teach each participant how to play.

The workshop includes percussion workshops to mix it up and uses various different instruments and rhythm games while teaching the bodhran. Our multi-instrumentalist will bring live Irish music to the room to enhance the learning experience and create a vibrant musical atmosphere.

How can it help your team? 

The perfect music themed teamwork activity that is great for both domestic and international guests. Get back to your Irish roots or experience our culture for the first time! 

The bodhran workshop can be performance-based as a single group or with two competing groups – which can make the activity more fun and challenging.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Unifies groups 
  • Fun & motivation 
  • Promotes creativity 
  • Energising a conference 
  • Shared experience

Does the Bodhran Workshop fit your team?

Chat with one of our sales representatives today to find out more about our bodhran workshop. Orangeworks also offers a range of team development activities, corporate icebreaker games and outdoor team building days.