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Cerebral Brainteasing challenges Including: HEX, Gimbal, Temple & Cubes


Teamwork is the all-important requirement to progress through the different stages of the challenge.

What is Brainstorm?

A team building challenge that includes a number of cerebral tasks. The better the team works together, the further they progress! Battle the temple, put the pressure on in the gimbal and have your wits about you for the giant cubes and HEX puzzle! Get ready because your time is ticking! 

Activities include:​

Numbers – A fun numbers game where speed counting an reactions are key!​

Tower of Power – Work together to build the tallest tower with a twist.​

Balance Chess – Strategy and a steady hand are key to your success.​

Orb – a mind melting 3D marble maze.​

Pegs – the long and short of it, pegs is a memory game!​

Minefield – find your way through an imaginary minefield.​

HEX – Making a circular pattern with 10 hexagonal puzzle pieces.​

Gimbal – Navigate a ball through a giant maze…blindfolded.​

Temple – Build the temple in another location.. with a few catches.​

Square – Fit all shapes of a giant puzzle together to make a 3D Square.

How does it help your team? 

Team play, commitment and collaboration are important requirements to progress through the different stages of the Brainstorm challenge. These are excellent team building activities as they require clear planning and communication. The better the team works together, the further they progress. 

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Uniting teams
  • High energy
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Shared experience

Does Brainstorm fit your team?

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