Breakout Bingo

Complete a virtual Bingo Card by finding commonalities between you and your peers!

Delegate holding up a card, playing Breakout Bingo, one of Orangeworks virtual team building activities for work.

A fast-paced virtual team energiser…

What is Breakout Bingo? 

This fun remote team activity invites delegates to network and learn more about each other in a game of virtual Bingo. Everyone downloads our Go Team App and joins a video conference call. Delegates are moved around various Breakout Rooms where they get to ask one question each before moving to the next Breakout Room.

The questions draw on fun facts, career achievements or intriguing personal accolades. Answers are entered via the App. Any player can score on any question which maintains a competitive and inclusive atmosphere. Before you know it, someone shouts BINGO and the delegates discuss their findings!

How does it help your team? 

Breakout Bingo is a light-hearted team building game designed to connect the group from the get-go. Relationships are essential in all organisations, and a productive, highly connected workforce is an incredible asset to any organisation.

Breakout Bingo encourages people to get to know each other on a personal level even when they are working from different locations. Recognising common ground, improving communication skills and exploring ways to have fun ‘digitally’ is essential in motivating remote teams.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Unifies the Group 
  • Shared Experience 
  • Networking & Communication Skills
  • Fun & Motivational

Does Breakout Bingo fit your team?

Contact us via the button below for more information on Breakout Bingo or any of our other team building activities. Orangeworks offers a wide range of remote team activities and fun virtual icebreaker games – perfect for your next online conference meeting.