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Bushcraft Survival

Dynamic Self Rescue with Practical Focus, the Ultimate Survival Course.

Delegates of the bushcraft survival, running through the forest with mud warpaint on their faces.

Ready to take on the ultimate bushcraft survival course in Ireland? There are several survival courses in Ireland… but none like this.

What is Bushcraft Survival? 

Bushcraft is an outdoor team building activity ideal for teams wanting to push boundaries and who are looking for something a bit more challenging! You get to learn fun, interesting, survival skills and experience a day in the wild.

The Bushcraft Survival itinerary’s include:

  • Priorities of survival
  •  Self-rescue and natural navigation
  •  Fire lighting and knife handling
  •  Wild cooking and river runs
  •  Rope skills, tyrolean and water crossing
  •  4×4 self-rescue

How it can help your team? 

Challenge your group to learn how to survive together and complete various collaborative tasks. Our expert staff are full of ideas on how to get the most out of your time with us so ask us anything.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Creative thinking
  • High energy & fun
  • Personal development
  • Pushing limits
  • Shared experience

Does Bushcraft Survival fit your team?

Bear Grylls Survival Academy team building event details

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