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Chain Reaction

Build a cascading series of lifesize actions from recycled materials.


Big actions – big impact!

What is Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction challenges your team’s creativity, project management and teamwork skills in designing and building a cascading series of actions from recycled materials. This collaborative team building activity inspires creativity and innovative thinking as teams must work together to build a series of small individual machines that when joined together create an astonishing chain reaction contraption.

Team dynamics and human resource management are put to the test in the planning phase. Design is divided into smaller groups, requiring all resources to be divided efficiently. The construction and testing phases require co-ordination not only between teams but between distinct technical skills and project management strategies as the teams face their ultimate challenge. Does each component function and does it connect with the next to create a cascading series of cause and effect?

After final testing is complete, teams trigger the chain reaction. The suspense and excitement brings everyone together in a celebration as they have worked together towards a common goal which they watch unfold before their eyes.

How can it help your team?

Chain Reaction is fast becoming the ultimate team building event requiring proficient project management skills to design and build an intricate sequence of reactions. These ultimately lead to an exciting finale where all the creations are joined together to achieve a spectacular common goal.

Use this challenging team building activity to develop excellent teamwork and project management skills while stimulating creativity and innovation.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Cross functional cooperation 
  • Project management 
  • Exploring excellence 
  • Uniting teams 
  • Stimulates creativity 

Does Chain Reaction fit your team?

Chain Reaction TableTop team building event details

If you would like more information about Chain Reaction, contact us via the button below. Orangeworks offer a wide range of collaborative team bonding activities that are sure to get your teams working better together.