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Christmas Big Picture

Get creative as your entire team are about to show their true colours.


What does Christmas mean to you and your company? 

What is Christmas Big Picture? 

In the true spirit of Christmas, togetherness and teamwork lay the foundations for the creation of this collective work of art. Instead of competing, teams must adopt a ‘big picture’ approach to ensure that the final result is a success.

The Christmas Big Picture can be a representation of a company’s brand, conference theme, products, values, goals or even a recreation of a famous work of art. Each individual team will only see their own canvas and their own work until the very end of the event. Effective coordination and communication are required for each canvas to fit perfectly with the canvas of other teams.

Upon completion, each team’s canvas is collected and framed together, ready for the big reveal. This is the undoubtedly the highlight of The Christmas Big Picture as after a debriefing, the final masterpiece is unveiled for the first time to the inevitable sound of thundering applause and enthusiastic cheers.

How can it help your team?

Engage your team in learning how collaboration, networking and a big picture focus can lead to outstanding results.

The completed work can be proudly displayed back in the office as a constant reminder of what can be achieved through teamwork, making this a fantastic Christmas Corporate gift to the entire company.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Develops networking skills
  • Collaborative communication
  • Strategy planning 
  • Inspires creativity 

Does Christmas Big Picture fit your team?

A clients 'Big Picture' masterpiece they created during their team building activities with Orangeworks.
Amy from Orangeworks getting the Big Picture Art shop ready.
Employees of EduCampus who painted their big picture canvas during their team building day with orangeworks.
Alessia of Orangeworks giving delegates paint during the big picture team building event.

Use the button below to ask us any questions you may have about our Christmas Big Picture experience. Orangeworks also offers a wide range of corporate icebreakers and energisers, team building activities and team development programmes.