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Christmas Cocktail Making Demonstration

Mixing Cocktails with a dash of Christmas Cheer


Learn from the experts exactly what is in the the world’s most popular Christmas Cocktails.

We can show you how to make them and you take over to sample the very best cocktails this Christmas. A fantastic addition to any Christmas Party.

After an introduction to the world of Cocktail Making by our expert Mixologist, your teams get to sample each cocktail. We will then divide you into teams and let the mix off begin. Teams will be given the ingredients to create their very own Christmas themed Cocktail. Our Teambuilding.ie Mixologist will teach you how to prepare the perfect festive cocktail from start to finish.

To impress the judge you will have to mix a fine blend of winter ingredients to tickle St. Nicks fancy. Cookies and cream with a hint of Baileys and ice-cream usually does the trick…but what’s your style?

This event can be conducted in any venue or even your own office. Guaranteed to break the ice and really get your Christmas Party started!