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Commercial Break

Devise your own message and nurse it from initial planning all the way through to final screening.

A Team posing all in black for the shooting of their commercial during their team building exercise hosted by Orangeworks.

Unleash your creative talent while giving your product or service an on-screen makeover.

What is a Commercial Break? 

With a worldwide audience and limited only by imagination; commercials can influence our behaviour in a variety of ways, whether subtle or blatant. They can make us think, laugh or cry and, in doing so, they highlight the extraordinary power of communication.

Commercial Break allows participants to devise their own message and nurse it from initial planning all the way through to final screening. Along the way, they will experience the fascinating, creative and fun world of TV advertising as they seek to create an award-winning commercial. 

Teams are given a brief and the tools necessary to create their commercial. They must develop a strategy, storyboard, idea, and create a script. Cameras, make-up and even acting lessons are made available to each team. As in the real advertising world, management of time, people and resources will be critical to success.

How can it help your team?

Commercial Break encourages participants to combine project management skills with their strategic and creative abilities. The close-quarters teamwork required to succeed is also highlighted and eventually rewarded as an awards ceremony which celebrates advertising excellence concludes the experience.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Supports strategic management
  • Team dynamics
  • Encourages creativity 
  • Time management 

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Does Commercial Break fit your team?

Commercial break team building event details

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