Corporate Sports Day Ireland

Our fully customisable and themed Corporate Sports day never fails to entertain and amuse.


We have Corporate Sports Day itineraries available that include all the classic games you love so well, as well as some new additions.

Anyone with a basic level of fitness can participate and our event instructors are adept at keeping everybody engaged so that you get the most out of the day.

Make sure you pick your partner wisely for the three-legged race! Have your wits about you for the sack race and the slow bike race! Keep your balance for the egg and spoon race – go Irish with the potato and spoon race! Work together for the balancing hurl / water act! Compete aggressively in the hula hoop competition and the relay race finale!

American Themed Sports Day

An event complete with thrills and spills inspired by the “US of A”. Think you have the skills to win our soccer bowling challenge? Maybe you want to see who has what it takes to be the star quarterback in a unique fast-paced mini-game. We have activity-packs available that focus on the best bits of dodgeball, basketball and baseball too so everAmericanan-themed sports day that we deliver is truly unique.