Escape the Island

Can your team survive the island long enough to be rescued?


Teams stranded on an island must pass through 9 zones to passing ship to be rescued.

Your team is stranded on an island and must signal down a passing ship to be rescued. While waiting to find a ship you must adapt to island life by completing iPad-based challenges.

Escape the Island team building activityThe island is separated into 9 zones, each zone has a series of challenges. The challenges are based on different aspects of surviving on the island including water, weather, first aid, shelter building and signalling. Items will wash up on the shore of the island, these will help to complete challenges.

Teams need to gain enough knowledge of each aspect in order to survive. Too much time in a zone, and they will lose time to gain knowledge of other survival techniques. Too little time, and they will not gain the vital knowledge they require. Once they leave a zone they cannot return.