Escape the Maze

Will your team be able to Escape the Maze on time?


This iPad-based escape room activity challenges teams whilst under pressure.

Delegates use their iPads to navigate their way of out the virtual maze displayed on their screens. They must make their way through several checkpoints to find their way out.

Each checkpoint is designed to challenges teams to think, act and solve puzzles by collaborating. Bit by bit, they reveal more and more checkpoints which allow them to finally Escape the Maze! Teams are able to progress whether they solve the checkpoint challenge or not. Although, if they get the answer to a challenge wrong points will be deducted.

When teams reach the exit point of each sector they must share part of their exit code in order for everyone to progress to the next checkpoint. The finale sees all teams coming together to crack a final code and Escape the Maze.

This experience encourages teams to work closely and solve problems using strong communication skills.