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Escape the Mob

A true test of your team’s collaborative abilities!


Can your team solve the cryptic challenges and Escape the Mob?

What is Escape the Mob?

Escape the Mob is an interactive treasure trail challenge that focuses on developing your people as a team. Beginning with a mysterious video telling teams that they are incriminated in the perfect heist. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Faced with a limited amount of time, teams must get their story straight and determine the exact time they were at each place on the night of the robbery. 

If your team can’t work out who stole the diamonds, then they’ve failed. Supplied with a bag of items from the night, these will help them solve the mystery and Escape the Mob. Teams use a tablet to locate checkpoints where they’ll complete a variety of tasks in order to gain clues. The winning team is the one with the most points. This highly interactive experience encourages participants to combine their skills, develop a solution and solve the mystery. Can your team get themselves out of this mess?

How can it help your team? 

Escape the Mob is a totally inclusive and highly engaging team bonding game.. With a limited amount of time, a competitive theme and a variety of challenges including photo, video, cryptic questions, ciphers, pattern identification, mysterious sounds and theatrical performances, each individual’s strengths, skills and creativity come into play.

Collaboration is the key to success in the final moments of the game as teams work together to find the stolen jewels and Escape the Mob!

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Thinking outside the box 
  • Team dynamics 
  • Recognising individual strengths 
  • Collaborative problem solving 

Have you our remote version, Escape the Mob Online?

Does Escape the Mob fit your team?

Escape the Mob- Interactive Treasure Trails Event Details

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