Essence of Excellence

Taking the demanding role of the product development team in a perfumery, teams are tasked with creating a signature scent and related campaign with a particular target demographic in mind.


The Essence of Excellence challenge demands an exact understanding of their customer’s perspective.

Different teams will be assigned different customer profiles and asked to create male, female and unisex fragrances. A ready-to-wear scent and associated target-marketing campaign need to be put together by each team under a tight deadline.

Each group will be provisioned with a basic knowledge of perfumery and a range of ingredients with different moods and character traits. Blending involves selecting the right balance of base, mid and top notes to evoke just the right emotions.

Learning and Development Outcomes

The activity can be set as a break-out session or evening entertainment and provides great context for exploring company values and customer satisfaction. The customer is the focal point throughout this task.