Fifteen Famous Minutes

Lights! Camera! Action! Enjoy all the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood movie set as your team’s take on a cinema classic lights up the silver screen.


Have you ever noticed how long the credits go on after a movie? It’s amazing just how many people it takes to create your favourite Hollywood blockbuster. In 15 Famous Minutes, teams are provided with all the necessary equipment and guidance and tasked with creating some cinematic magic.

Delegates will feel like they’ve been transported to an expensive movie set as they are given costumes, props, make-up, music, lights, a camera (of course) –  and even clapper-boards and directors’ chairs. Skilled technical support will also be on hand to ease participants through the complicated world of film-making, and acting, make-up and camera workshops ensure that this will be no amateur production. The teams’ ultimate challenge is to create a 15-minute version of a classic Hollywood movie.

Efficient time management is obviously crucial to a film’s success, and all those people aren’t much use unless they are managed properly and following an intelligent strategy. Delegates will need to begin by planning, scripting and rehearsing before progressing to shooting on-location. As all editing takes place in-camera, each scene must be shot in sequence and meticulously planned.

Once the work is completed participants can sit back and enjoy their film’s all-important premiere at an Oscars-style awards ceremony, where the efforts of each team are rewarded and celebrated.