Flat Out Afloat

Flat Out – Afloat is a unique team building activity that celebrates overcoming the seemingly impossible. Can your team sail the high seas on the ship that teamwork built?


The challenge is inspired by a Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer named Thor Heyedahl. In 1947 he sailed a balsawood raft 4,300 miles from Peru to Polynesia to prove that ancient seafarers could survive long sea journeys. 101 days after launching the expedition he completed his journey and has inspired many.

Flat Out Afloat team building event detailsTeams are presented with an outwardly impossible task: construct a seaworthy vessel in a short time with unlikely building materials. This inspirational corporate event helps teams to discover how innovation and the blending of skills from different individuals can make difficult tasks easier to achieve.

Essentially Flat Out – Afloat is a challenge that hinges on project management, group communication and keeping a cool head under pressure. Every team member has a role to play and the finale of the challenge involves the seemingly impossible: launching the newly completed crafts and keeping them afloat.

With a choice of race, regatta, sea battle or sunken treasure challenge the adventure unfolds on a place on a lake, pool or the open sea as a stunning conclusion to a rewarding day.