Flat Out Formula 1

An adrenaline-fueled team building game that challenges participants to build and race their very own Formula 1 Cars.


Modelled after the pinnacle of racing engineering, the team must communicate and collaborate to complete this almost full-scale F1 car.

What is Flat Out Formula One? 

Flat out Formula One is a construction themed team building activity that invites delegates to build and design almost life-size Formula 1 racing cars out of a flat pack cardboard kit. Project management skills play a central role during the construction process as time and individual strengths are taken into account.

To add flair and reinforce the messages of the day each team will personalise their newly built F1 cars with unique designs that highlight company values and brand messages. A race qualification follows to determine grid position before moving onto the exciting conclusion of the challenge: your company’s own DIY Grand Prix! Teams race and a champion emerge with a flourish of the chequered flag.

How can it help your team?

Flat Out Formula 1 is a team building exercise which demands efficiency and cooperation and rewards delegates with a thrilling experience – out of the pits and onto the podium. 

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Reinforces creative thinking
  • Promotes problem solving
  • Creates brand awarness
  • Strategic planning 
  • High energry, fun & engaging 

Does Flat Out Formula One fit your team? 

Flat Out Formula 1 team building event details

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