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Flat Out: On the Buses

 A team bonding activity that utilises communication, project management skills, creativity and ingenuity.


Teams construct, decorate & race their very own cardboard bus!

What is Flat Out: On the Buses? 

Using detailed construction plans each team has to effectively turn a ‘flat-pack’ cardboard kit into a giant bus! With a clear understanding of the end result, teams soon realise that they need to employ excellent project management skills to complete the project on time and with limited resources. They may choose to create sub-teams breaking down the overall complex project into smaller steps. 

Once constructed teams decorate their bus with “advertising” which can be aligned to reinforce your brand message or conference theme. Prizes can be awarded for the best themed bus. The challenge concludes when teams get into their buses and race against each other using speed and control to the next bus stop. Being such big, broad forms of transport, fun and laughter accompanies good-natured competitiveness.

How can it help your team? 

Teams learn to collaborate and employ critical resource and time management skills. The teams discover that the seemingly impossible becomes achievable when individuals aspire to a common goal and effectively collaborate and coordinate their efforts as a team. They may even find out that true leadership and great ideas can often come from those you least expect.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Project planning 
  • Practical leadership
  • Strategic communication
  • Exploring excellence
  • Team dynamics
  • Stimulates creativity

Does Flat Out: On the Buses fit your team?

Flat Out On The Buses team building event details

Get in touch via the button below to find out more about Flat Out: On the Buses. Orangeworks offers a wide range of teamwork activities that encourage collaboration, communication, leadership and more.