Flat Out Pyramids

Flat Out – Pyramids is a challenging task that combines problem solving, high levels of communication, construction and leadership from everyone on the team.


Have you ever wanted to engage your team to accomplish great feats of engineering and build a beautiful historical monument? Now you can!

You don’t have a lot of time and the team has to agree on how best to use the combined strengths and competencies of each member. Everyone’s contribution is vital to the success of this construction challenge.

This team exercise begins with the building of a smaller pyramids and the objective is to combine everyone’s individual pyramid at the end of the challenge to create a vast structure that is a testament of your teams cross functional communication skills.

But it’s not over when the pyramid stands, The Egyptian pyramids, while they are tremendous feats of engineering; are all made of the same stone and are all the same colour. Your team can showcase creativity and go a step further by decorating their pyramid when it’s done. This can contain a motivational or important message for the team, your company or the wider world.