Flat Out Rickshaw Racing

Teams build a cardboard constructed rickshaw and compete in the Rickshaw Derby race.


There’s nothing quite like a rickshaw rally to bring a team closer together. However, it’s not a simple as climbing aboard and pounding the roads.

Teams taking part in this outdoor event will be tested to their limits and expected to demonstrate cohesive team work, strategy and planning skills and time management to build a cardboard constructed rickshaw that they will enter in to the race.

Teams are equipped with detailed plans and the equipment they need. It’s important that everyone puts their best foot forward as they will be transporting two “clients” through busy streets over flowing with people going about their business.

Teams will be allowed to make on-the-fly modifications to their rickshaw to ensure that their strategic planning doesn’t deviate from the norm. Additionally because you will want your “clients” travelling in style, the team will be able to get creative and decorate their vehicle to make it stand out from the crowd

The last leg of the team building challenge is a time trailed Rickshaw Derby through an obstacle course.

Successful teams will have shown they can meet deadlines, work under pressure, demonstrated contingency planning and keep clients happy.