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Fun Quiz Game Show

Our quiz show is a great both for teamwork and entertainment.


Join us for our Fun Quiz Game Show. You and your guests will be entertained and tested by our mind-boggling questions and bonus activities.

Teams are organised before the Fun Quiz Game Show Begins. All of our Questions are displayed on a large projection screen for everyone to view. Also included are a music round and a video movie on screen round.

Between rounds, teams are selected by means of raffle to participate in the Bonus Challenge. The Bonus Challenges can consist of *Giant Operation, *Test Your Strength, Giant Buzzer Game, Play Your Cards Right and *Grab A Grand. At the end of the show we can finish on complete high note by having a Grab a Grand final.

By using our grab a grand machine we can randomly select people to take part in the additional show feature of stepping into the Fun Grab a Grand Machine. So even if their team has not been lucky, smart or cunning enough to win, then some lucky person will have the chance of walking home with a great prize. It can also be used throughout the show and for selecting one of the winning table finalists to take home one magnificent prize.

Our Fun Game Show includes the following:

  • Stage Set Display and lighting
  • Personalised Quiz data base
  • Complete Audio and Visual Equipment
  • Music and Games
  • Cheesy Game Show Host
  • Adjudicators

Additional Information: Novelty prizes included

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Large-size Games