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Give Backpack

Unite your team by helping those less fortunate!


A fun team bonding activity with a CSR twist!

What is Give Backpack? 

Teams complete various engaging challenges to fill a backpack for the homeless. The fun & engaging tasks are delivered to each team via a tablet. Teams enter their answers, including photos and videos. On successfully completing challenges, teams are rewarded with items to fill their backpacks. Items include non-perishable food and toiletries.

Layout and practicality for the backpack are key. Once the backpacks are complete, the champion team is revealed! The winning team is awarded an additional donation to a B1G1 worthy cause. The filled backpacks are donated to a local shelter for the homeless.

Choose your own charity for this activity or donate to one of the charities we are currently working with. Chat with our Sales Team via the button below for more information on this.

How does it help your team? 

Give Backpack is an opportunity to unite your team by helping those less fortunate. This program encourages creative thinking and problem-solving. Through giving, individual morale is boosted, and a sense of pride and ownership is developed in the team. Give Backpack is based around helping those in need while ensuring the group enjoys a brilliant, shared experience that will stay with them long after the program has finished.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Decision making & planning 
  • Resource & time management
  • Giving back to the community 
  • Fun experiential learning 

Does Give Backpack fit your team?

Contact our Sales team via the button below for more information on Give Backpack or any of our other CSR based team bonding activities. We also offer a wide range of employee wellness programmes and icebreakers – perfect for your next team meeting or conference day.