Global Grooves

Have your team bring samba drumming to a new level in this multi-cultural cocktail of percussion and dance.


From the smallest teams, to the international people we know as the global village, great things are achieved when everyone combines their powers and celebrates their differences. When people that aren’t very similar think, act and work as one, great things happen!

This music and rhythm based event takes teambuilding to a whole other level. Global Grooves combines Brazilian samba, West African Djembe, Indian Dhol, Spanish Flamenco, Moroccan Sand-dance, Cuban Salsa and South African Gumboot to leave your team feeling energised and united.

Teams learn several percussion rhythms and dance styles from all over the world as well as the “global groove”. This is a common piece learnt by all teams. Each team practices their rhythms, moves and chants until perfected alongside Orangeworks team members for any assistance and direction. Once all teams have perfected their musical skills they will come together to create breath-taking results. They all rotate and take to the stage and perform their own unique piece.

This is an energetic, entertaining and rewarding experience. Global grooves focus is on celebrating the multicultural nature of business. This experience will provide a memorable highlight to any conference or event.