Global Innovation Game

Create, pitch and invest great new ideas with your team, proving that anyone can be an innovator!


Global Innovation Game is inspired by the Millennial generation. Take a step away from technology to create new ideas.

How it works

Organise: Cards are distributed to each team, guaranteeing an even selection of Objects, Tech & Data cards.

Innovate: Individuals in each team pick a card of each colour and produce either a Smart Object, Service or Tool.

Validate: Teams choose the best idea from their group. They validate the selected team idea and make a two-minute pitch which will be presented to the room.

Pitch: All Teams pitch their idea to the room.

Invest: Teams then invest with our banker putting game money down on the idea they like most.

Learning Outcomes… 

This game has been established from a need to step away from everyday tech devices. Our millennial generation has inspired its creation. Global Innovation Game brings everything back to basics. Everyone is openly talking, innovating and creating ideas without the help of search engines, PowerPoints and screens.