Go Remote | Remote Team Challenge

An online game for remote teams with high energy challenges and mind boggling tasks that will excite even the most veteran gamers!


Compete against your conference call colleagues in a fun, uplifting challenge.  

What is Go Team Remote? 

With each participant utilizing their own smart device, virtual teams will access our high-tech APP which drives game play. Incorporating a range of creative, active, and cerebral style challenges. The key to success in this virtual team building challenge will be communication between players and of course strategy as teams race against the clock to complete as many challenges as possible!

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How can it help your team?

Connect your people, build your sense of team and drive organisational engagement regardless of geographical limitations! The Remote Team Challenge is specifically designed to boost virtual teams – smart event, smart app, smart team!

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Improves Team Engagement
  • Promotes Strategic Thinking
  • Encourages Cross-Functional Communication

Does Go Remote fit your team? 

Looking for more information on Go Remote? Chat with our sales representatives using the button below. Orangeworks offer a range of remote team building activities and fun virtual icebreaker games and energisers. We can help you create a memorable experience for your people.