Go Team Carton House Treasure Hunt

Explore the lush private grounds of CARTON HOUSE in a high-tech treasure hunt.


Compete to see who can successfully score more points in a series of GPS-triggered mini quest at various checkpoints set at Carton House Estate in County Kildare.

Operating from iPad tablets members arrive at their destination on the estate and must work together to complete challenges. Tasks include quiz questions, clues, and picture challenges that must be completed to beat the competition.
Teams can view each other’s locations and must agree on the fastest way to collect points in the time available. Creativity is a must!
Examples of Go Team Carton House Treasure Hunt checkpoints include:
  • the Boathouse,
  • the Golf courtyard,
  • Orangeworks Adventure Zone,
  • and much more.

See the full list of optional Features here.  Orangeworks Go Team Guru will put together a package perfect for your group, budget and event duration.