Head To Toe

Connecting your mind and body in a series of energising exercises from Head to Toe.


This easy-going and non-threatening energiser will teach your team how to achieve self-health and mindfulness throughout their work day.

Devoting time to the health and wellbeing of your workforce has lasting benefits. Once they focus on breathing and stretches, your employees will be better able to manage their time and stress levels. In doing this there will be higher levels of productivity and staff retention and a decrease in absenteeism.

These exercises have been created by health practitioners as a boost that can be executed easily in any environment.

This can be run as a single wellness session or as part of a conference energiser. ead to Toe can be run during a single session as a very effective conference energiser. As Head to Toe has a flexible design, exercises can be reintroduced during different times through your conference to keep delegates focused and energised.

Your team will leave from these exercises with a new-found knowledge and a step by step detailed flipbook of Head to Toe techniques. The flipbook is given to encourage delegates to add these exercises into their everyday routine. This is one of the most valuable conference giveaways they may ever receive!

Inspire your team towards a healthier, productive lifestyle with Head to Toe.