Making The News

Here’s a scoop: a couple of hours creating front-page news can help evaluate your delegates’ understanding of important conference values.


Making The News introduces your delegates to the fast-paced world of newspaper publishing for a team-building experience that’s hot off the presses.

The challenge facing each team sounds simple; they must create the front page of a newspaper reporting on the day’s conference events. Just like a professional news team, they must identify the big stories and, following cryptic leads, find the vital information that will break them wide open. The teams will also need to send reporters into the streets to track down subjects for interviews and capture the perfect award-winning photograph based on supplied criteria.

Each team’s creativity is brought into play as, in addition to writing a number of articles, they must name their newspaper, design an advertisement, write a ‘business forecast’ and even create a cartoon.

Making The News allows delegates to demonstrate their understanding of the conference messages as well as providing a platform to express their own views, opinions and suggestions relating to the business.

Each team’s front page is printed large-scale and put on display for the whole group to see. Upon completion of the challenge, these can serve as a valuable feedback mechanism in illustrating how effectively key messages have been interpreted and understood.