Mountain Bike GPS Treasure Hunt

Mountain bike orienteering with a point collection system. Get out and really explore your selected scenery!


Climb onto our trail-ready mountain bikes and rediscover your inner adventurer on our GPS treasure hunt!

Along with a mountain Bike, teams will be given a hand held GPS device and personalized booklet and must navigate their way around our various tracks finding orienteering punches/markers at waypoints along the way.

For each marker found the team will receive points. The objective is to navigate your way around the tracks finding all the waypoints and finding the finish point in the time provided.

You will rediscover that biking on trails and dirt tracks is simply a blast! This activity is suitable for all levels of fitness. You will explore some of the most beautiful sights in Ireland and take in some fresh air and take time to clear your head. We’ll point you in the direction of beautiful scenery and nature including quiet streams and maybe even a waterfall (for the more experience bikers)!