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One Voice

Harmonise your team through the power of song in One Voice.


Does your team need to be uplifited or given a confidence boost to get them working together in harmony?

What is One Voice? 

Delegates are first led through a series of fun exercises that stretch the body and voice. As confidence builds, delegates are challenged to achieve more and more until, finally, the whole team comes together.

One Voice shows delegates what can be achieved when you really open your hearts, minds and mouths. Your final song can also be made available to take home. 

How can it fit your team?

Totally inspirational, enlivening and fun, this group icebreaker will have everyone at your conference or meeting singing with confidence at the top of their voices. One Voice finds the power of song that is in all of us and, by combining all the voices in a team, shows how the power of self-realisation and combined effort can create something truly wonderful. 

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Energising a conference 
  • Creates a positive attitude 
  • Shared experience 
  • High energy 
  • Focuses the mind 

Does One Voice fit your team?

One Voice team building event details

One Voice is the perfect teamwork icebreaker to get your people energetic and ready for their day ahead! Chat with us via the button below to find out more.