An incredible team-based musical experience which reaches an unforgettable crescendo.


What if we told you there is a 90-minute exercise which will turn your group, regardless of any musical ability, into a real symphony orchestra? Sounds crazy, right? Welcome to Orchestrate!, a spectacular team-building experience that will unite your people and have them working in perfect harmony.

A symphony orchestra is perhaps the ultimate example of a team. Each individual brings their own talents and ideas and utilises them in a way that improves the overall group. Working towards a common goal, each must use their creativity and ability to achieve their specific task. This exciting environment had long been solely the domain of the experienced musician – until now.

In Orchestrate!, participants will learn to play real instruments from the four sections of a real symphony orchestra: woodwind, strings, brass and percussion. Once their instruments have been chosen, delegates will learn in different sections under the guidance of expert musicians. When they have been brought up to speed, the whole group comes together to form a might symphony orchestra under the baton of the conductor. They will then play a specially-written, five-minute-long piece of music that will leave everyone astounded.

Orchestrate! is undoubtedly one of our most demanding and challenging events. Through this, though, it will unleash your delegates’ full potential and allow them to see how achievable the supposedly impossible can be. Its reward is an unforgettable experience which changes mind-sets and frees imaginations. After they have experienced the power of Orchestrate!, your people will feel they can achieve anything.