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Puppet Masters

Create & manipulate gigantic puppets


The ultimate test of communication, collaboration and performance! 

What is Puppet Masters? 

You’ve probably seen 10-metre puppets on the sidelines of football matches or parading centre stage at the Olympics.. Puppet Masters is a team bonding game that gives your team the opportunity to experience the creativity and skills required to make these giant puppet appear human.

Teams are given props and guidelines and must divide into sub-teams in order to tackle the construction of each element of their puppet. They must assemble and decorate their puppet. Teams must stand their puppets up, act as it’s controllers and work to perform simple human actions. To succeed, team members become the ‘nerve centre’ controlling a myriad of movements as they walk down the “puppet catwalk” to a song of their choice. 

How can it help your team? 

Puppet Masters is a fully inclusive team activity where everybody has a clear understanding of their role in the bigger picture. Put your teams’ communication, process improvement and operational excellence skills to the test. Puppet Masters requires all individuals to be involved in strategy and project planning both when constructing the puppet and manipulating it.  It requires keen teamwork and crystalline communication to make the puppet carry out human actions.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding gestures 
  • Inclusive team task
  • Crystalline communication 
  • Creative experience 
  • Shared experience 

Does Puppet Masters fit your team?

Puppet Masters Event Details

Find out more about Puppet Masters by chatting with one of our sales representatives using the button below. Orangeworks hosts a wide range of high energy, unforgettable team bonding games, remote team activities, virtual meeting icebreakers, group energisers and more!