A tablet based game made up of strategic thinking and some highly engaging, fun competition.


The more challenges completed, the more points gained – the aim being to out-perform other teams and win…

There are a number of different levels of difficulty for each mental, creative and physical challenge that teams are tasked with. These forms of challenges can include; photo, video, single answer, multiple choice, logic puzzles and more!

There are 100’s of challenges and each has a cost to attempt and a reward for successful completion. Everyone’s strengths are revealed by selecting challenges only in which they’re confident they can successfully complete. Those with similar strengths form groups to complete challenges together.  Some challenges, require everyone in the group having an input for decisive leadership, strategy and effective communication.

Time is running out and teams must hurry to do their best. Within the final minutes of the event there is an atmosphere of fun and laughter, but also urgency. With the winning team crowned the victor.

Learning Outcomes

Teams must work together to weigh out the risks and rewards of every decision. As time is ticking, each individual must speak up and let their team know of any challenges they feel they will prove useful. Quickfire builds trust as challenges are completed successfully and Individuals different abilities are appreciated.

This event requires teams to use innovative thinking, effective communication and shared strategy to succeed in challenges and work towards being named the winner.

A tonne of laughs it will leave your entire group feeling united and exhilarated. By the end of Quickfire, individuals will have learnt to appreciate their own strengths along with the diverse skills of others in their team.