This rhythm based team building experience aims to highlight the significance of sustainability and recycling.


When it comes to the environment, we understand that our actions will have a massive effect on future generations. It’s becoming more and more common for organisations to want to raise awareness and help reinforce these messages. Re-Percussion has been designed to do exactly that, promotes sustainability and recycling.

Give your team the chance to discover the voice of several recyclable objects and join them in a unique grand ‘junk percussion’. The items used as musical instruments for this event often vary, these can include; plastic bottles and plates, wooden spoons, kitchen brushes, cups, cutlery, bins, plastic bags and containers, tyres, tins and many more!

Our team will enter the room by performing some drum rhythms with recyclable instruments as they make their way to the stage in this high-energy entrance. Your team will be performing using signals and mnemonics which often seem difficult to the inexperienced, once they give it a go they will soon realise it’s not so hard to achieve.

With an extravagant finish your team will leave the experience feeling inspired, motivated and full of energy!