Planet Bingo

Its virtual Bingo with a Planetary Twist!

Delegates playing Planet Bingo, one of Orangeworks remote team building activities.

A shared online experience to enjoy with your team as part of your next remote team bonding activity.

What is Planet Bingo? 

With Planet Bingo, you can enjoy a fun game of bingo with your team anywhere in the world – all while learning more about ourselves and the universe surrounding us.

In this online game, delegates are given a Bingo card. Question themes and difficulty levels are based on our colour-coded question cards. A correct answer means you can mark off your bingo numbers. Answer the question incorrectly and you don’t move on. To be crowned the winner, you must get four numbers in a row and shout ‘PLANET BINGO’!

How does it help your team? 

Planet Bingo is a fun, shared experience that delegates can enjoy in a relaxed online social environment. It encourages friendly competition while ensuring to energise and unify teams with positive memorable results.

For larger groups and a more collaborative experience, delegates work in teams and can help each other out with answering questions.

We also offer Hollywood Movies and Music themed bingo challenges. Or alternatively, if you have a specific theme in mind, we would be happy to customise a game for you.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Unifies The Group 
  • Shared Experience 
  • High Energy
  • Fun & Motivation

Does Planet Bingo fit your team?

Contact us via the button below for more information on Planet Bingo or any of our other team building activities. Orangeworks offers a wide range of remote team activities and fun virtual icebreaker games – perfect for your next online conference meeting.