Revel Music

Harmonise the energy of your team working together by beating the drums for a common purpose.


Drums have been used throughout history to bring people together in communication, ceremony, battle and celebration. Both rhythm and percussion empower and stir emotions, it also leaves your team feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and motivated.

Revel Music will bring these outcomes to your conference in less than 60 minutes of positive and inspiring team activity. Ideal for when time and space are both limited, designed to take place in the main conference room, so there’s no need for breakout rooms.

We will give your group several drums and percussion instruments to choose from around the world. Our experienced musical instructors will introduce everyone to the basics of drumming, also teaching them the language of rhythm through non-verbal communication. As soon as the group is playing as one, breaks and solos are introduced to increase difficulty and a breath-taking musical outcome. This experience will unify your team, leaving them ready to take on any challenge.

Revel Music is a rapid, energising and economic way to focus and unify a team at any conference or company event.