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River Runner

A themed indoor business game where each team acts as a rafting company facing the challenge of leading a commercial ‘first descent’ down one of the world’s great rivers.


Teamwork is the all-important requirement to progress through the different stages of the challenge.

What is River Runner?

Each team works as a rafting company that has to mount a commercial expedition down one of the world’s greatest and most challenging rivers. While the participants have no chance of getting wet they will be supplied with full-sized rafts, paddles, life-vests and all manner of vital expedition equipment. Spectacular video footage provides a real taste of a river adventure and helps set the scene.

How does it help your team?

River Runner will require efficient team management to gather vital information quickly and a flexible approach to take advantage of unexpected events and additional information that are encountered along the way.

River Runner provides excitement and entertainment while demonstrating that effective planning and strategy implementation are essential to success, as much as energy and teamwork.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Problem solving
  • Risk management
  • Leadership skills

Does River Runner fit your team?

Delegates deliberating what materials they need to take on River Runner, a team-building challenge hosted by Orangeworks.
Delegates wearing lifejackets, holding ores and sitting in a boat as they take part in River Runner, a team-building game.

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