Cerebral Survivor Challenges Includes: HEX, Gimbal, Temple & Cubes


Get your thinking caps on!

This team building activity is sure to test you! Built by the same person who designs the challenges for the Survivor TV Show, this is truly a fantastic team building event! Teamwork is the all important requirement to progress through the different stages of the challenge.

The better the team works together, the further they progress! Battle the temple, put the pressure on in the gimbal and have your wits about you for the giant cubes and HEX puzzle! Get ready because your time is ticking!

Using 10 sections of a hexagonal puzzle, each with a different colour code, your team must decide what the best format is for making a circular pattern with the pieces of puzzle provided. We start you off with sections 1,2 & 3, we show the team how to commence, once this section is complete, we break it up, add in section 4 and ask the team to replicate what they have just seen. Easy? Its not! The more sections added the more confusing and difficult to finnish the task.

Will you crumble under the pressure?! This giant maze will test your nerves and your communication skills to the very max! You must manoeuvre the ball from the start point to the finish point using the pulley system and within a limited time frame. Sounds relatively easy? There is always a catch! Your team mates using the pulleys will be blindfolded! The rest of the team must use verbal commands to direct them and complete the task in the quickest time! Time is ticking!

This is the ultimate “think outside the box” team-building challenge! The temple needs to be rebuilt in another location – but it’s not as easy as that! There are a number of catches. Your team will really need to think this through – or risk losing precious time! Get your thinking caps on! Your time starts now!

Cubes is a giant puzzle where you have to strategically fit all the shapes together to make a giant cube. You have to find the correct combination to succeed against the clock.

Additional Information: These are more cerebral based tasks so only a basic level of fitness required

Benefits: These are excellent team building activities as they require clear planning and communication within the group to complete the tasks