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T Shirt Masterpiece

Been there, done that, made the t-shirt. Creativity is back in fashion.

T-shirt Masterpiece- Creative Team Challenges

Want to promote your organisation’s values and messages in a creative and engaging way? T-Shirt Masterpiece may be just what you’re looking for.

What is a T Shirt Masterpiece? 

Teams are challenged to design their own unique t-shirts which reflect shared goals and ideals. Initially, each group is given a plain white t-shirt for each participant.

Using this as their canvas, delegates must create humorous, artistic or even witty slogan-based designs – each of which must fit a pre-determined team approach. Whether the focus of their designs is to highlight conference messages or celebrate company products or services, creative potential is realised.

How can it help your team? 

Cooperation and communication will be required for teams to succeed as a unit. Every individual will have an idea to contribute and the best teams will be those which utilise the talents of each individual within. T-Shirt Masterpiece is an interesting, unique way of exploring and reinforcing important conference themes and values.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Brand awareness
  • Unifies the group
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Shared experience
  • Cross functional cooperation

Does T Shirt Masterpiece fit your team?

T-Shirt Masterpiece event details

Find out more about T Shirt Masterpiece by chatting with one of our sales representatives using the button below. Orangeworks offer a wide range of ice breakers for corporate meetings, teamwork development activities, fun team building games & much more!