Bridge Building

Build a bridge across the river without getting wet!


This is not traditional Bridge Building as you know it! It’s far more complicated than that… and requires a certain type of team to complete the task in the allocated time period.

The team meets their Instructor and is given a full brief on side A of the river. They are presented with items including a series of long ropes, a transporting platform, carabineers, a roller, planks, 30 x tie-down ropes and about 400 wooden blocks.

The brief is to get all 400 wooden blocks from side A of the river to side B without getting them wet. They must build using the equipment provided, a conveyer belt type transportation device to transport the blocks across the river.

The 2nd part of the brief is that in order to get team members to side B of the river, the team must construct a foot bridge using the equipment provided.

And the 3rd part of the brief is that when all 400 wooden blocks make it safely to side B, the team must construct a round tower with all the wooden blocks. The tower must stand for 10 seconds in order for the task to be deemed a success.

This will require the entire team to work together to complete a large task. If a team do not sub divide into smaller groups, this task will not be completed in time. Teams generally figure this out half was into the task, at this stage they come under serious pressure, but will always just make the deadline!!!

All safety equipment and professional instruction is provided so you are in good (safe) hands!


  • This is a real team builder as the entire team totally depends on each team member to complete the tasks
  • This task ensures that all team members do their “bit” as this is the only way to ensure overall success
  • Teams must decide on issues such as leadership, delegation, time management, making efficient use of the tools at hand, communication, etc.