Team Torque

There are few ways to bring people closer together than by building a wicked speed machine and pitting your team against each other, that’s why we came up with Team Torque.


Perhaps you’d like to impress your clients with your engineering skills and a day at the race track or perhaps you would like to encourage some friendly in-house competition. The choice is yours!

To begin, each team completes tasks in order to win the necessary parts for construction. They must then set to work assembling and designing their model car, being sure to give it a unique and personal flavour.

Whatever your choice of companion/opponent, everyone will be expected to push the boundaries and think outside the box in order to deliver a truly unique race car that is fast and beautiful based on a strict budget and strict time limit. Company Brand and product placement can be added to your machine and it also comes highly recommended.

After the car has been completed the real fun can begin with the combined skills and competencies of every member of the team being showcased on the track with the mechanic being told to pump air that can reach incredible pressure in to the car that sends it fly from the start line. The farthest distance travelled is the victorious team

This high octane racing challenge can be played as a once off game or as a tournament in combination with other team building activities for companies or individual parties.