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The Curio Show

Guessing, bluffing, deduction and inspection. This event’s got all the hallmarks of a great mystery.


A challenge which is rich in fun and sophistication. 

What is The Curio Show? 

Part ‘Antiques Roadshow’, part ‘Call My Bluff’, The Curio Show is a team bonding challenge which is rich in fun and sophistication. An ideal group icebreaker, it is perfect for any conference. 

The activity begins with a short introduction from our charismatic, professional MC. Delegates are shown a variety of random, vintage objects which they must evaluate. They are divided up into teams and must work together to discuss and deliberate over the objects, figuring out what they are, what they do, how old they are and how much they cost. Objects can even be taken apart in the pursuit of discovering their true identity.

Teams must make their final decisions on what each object is before the answers are tallied and the MC announces the winners. When the true identity of each object is revealed; the delegates can laugh and celebrate their deductive abilities – or lack thereof. 

How can it help your team? 

The Curio Show is an interactive and fun learning experience. Delegates learn that decision making must be quick but clever as they communicate their thoughts and predictions on the identity of the objects. Memories are quickly made as each round passes and the teams enjoy the wonder and intrigue of this unique teamwork activity. 

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Decision making 
  • Shared, fun experience  
  • Uniting groups 
  • Communication skills 

Does The Curio Show fit your team?

The Curio Show event details

Learn more about The Curio Show by contacting us via the button below. Orangeworks experiences are completely mobile and can be created to suit your teams’ needs. We offer a wide range of team bonding days, group icebreakers, energisers for conferences & much more!