Toy Factory

Give back to your local community while having fun with a wide range of toys.


Bring your delegates together to create toys for disadvantaged children. Toy Factory challenges participants to function as a production line, making quality toys to a deadline.

Capable of being run during a conference breakout session or in the company workplace, this flexible event is both rewarding and encourages a strong spirit of community.

In the beginning, teams are given a mixed bag of wooden toy parts. Working from detailed blueprints, each group must combine components in order to produce a variety of high-quality children’s toys.

The quality is not the only important requirement in this challenge, each team must also work together efficiently to produce their toys within the limited amount of time given.

The planning stage of the challenge is crucial to success. Teams must identify components, set individual tasks, manage the flow and establish a production line. Upon passing a quality check, each toy can then be creatively decorated. Company colours or brand livery can be incorporated if desired.

The second phase of this activity brings forth each group’s creative talents. Teams are asked to devise engaging and educational games featuring the newly-assembled toys. A fun and informal finale to the event sees each team taking turns to demonstrate their invented games as well as their created toys.

The final toys and game material will then be donated to a local children’s charity, school or home.