Trade Winds

Hoist the Jolly Roger and prepare for an ideal icebreaker.  This challenge will definitely bring a group together and teach the value of information gathering and teamwork.


Take to the high seas for this pirate-themed challenge. Trade Winds is a highly-interactive and fun activity which challenges each delegate’s communication, networking and negotiation skills

The event transports teams back in time; to 17th Century Port Royal, Jamaica. Each team plays the part of the crew on a pirate ship which comes ashore with just a few possessions and some valuable information. By  trading these possessions and using their information, teams can build  relationships with other pirates and dealers within the town. Opportunities abound for the shrewd and clever, though ruin is never far with such dangerous folk around.

Following an initial short briefing, the town comes alive with deals and  trades. The adventure has begun. Teams must not only be ruthless to succeed,  but also creative in their problem-solving and planning. The ultimate goal of each group is to be the richest pirates in town.

Trade Winds is a fun and rewarding team-building networking activity. Hats,  eye patches, parrots on shoulders, music and other pirate paraphernalia help bring the experience to life. Room-theming and even some Caribbean food complete the pirate atmosphere and make this an event which will live long in the memory of each participant.